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£245 for 1 hr 45 mins

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This treatment removes excess skin in a controlled and non-surgical manner, using an electricity spark (plasma) to vaporise the upper most layers of your skin. Removal of excess skin but is much safer than surgery. Surgical-like results in some circumstances, with a fraction of the cost. Scarring is very rare.. Immediately visible effect with 1 treatment. Permanent results. It works for most skin area, but is especially effective for: Saggy eye lids Stretch mark Saggy neck Fine lines on cheeks Smoker lines. Upper eyelids (both eyes) skin tightening: £245 instead of £400 (39% off) Full eyelids (both eyes) skin tightening: £395 instead of £600 (35% off) Stretch mark: from £245, depending on size of treated area. Full neck lift: £495 instead of £800 (38% off) Consultation: Free


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